To my dearest kids,

Your Dada and I were overjoyed this morning seeing that you already prepared breakfast while we were out jogging. We appreciate your initiative to wake up early, cook, and set the breakfast table. Truth be told, sunny side up and ginisang kamatis at itlog is an odd combination but still, we are ecstatic over your enthusiasm in pleasing mom and dad today.

You seem to be learning more and more house chores and it makes Mommy super happy. For the past years, I tried my best to train you to tackle simple tasks even if at times I feel that accomplishing these myself will be more convenient. Please note that I am not asking you to do house chores because I am lazy or I’d like to devote my time and effort for other things but because I would like you to learn basic life skills. I won’t always be by your side and someday you will be on your own. Before this happens, allow me to ensure that you know how to wash your own clothes, keep your things neat and orderly, and prepare healthy meals.




You are a part of our family and each of us has to help in keeping the house at least livable. As you grow older, you will be given more complicated tasks after learning the simple ones. When I give you a longer list of work to accomplish, it doesn’t mean that I want to make things harder for you. These new responsibilities indicate that I now trust you more. I want you to experience the joy of working with your own hands and the feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with finishing something worthwhile. I hope that these assigned tasks will establish discipline and proper conduct. Having a definite set of rules and schedule will hopefully train you to do things orderly and build good habits in the long run. At the same time, my desire is to teach you to utilize your time and effort productively while diverting you from less profitable occupations. I wish that you’ll appreciate the joy of responsibility that you’ll do more things without being asked.

But most importantly, I want you to understand that doing house chores is a means of serving one another. God has commanded us to love one another and household responsibilities present opportunities to be selfless. It is an opportunity to love. This truth should affect the manner which you do your daily assignments–not with grumbling nor complaining but with a full heart. The word of God is best lived out in the midst of those who are closest to us and it should drive the way we conduct ourselves in every area of our life. The expression of our love for each other goes beyond kind words. It shows in our actions. Our love shines through our commitment to bless each other by doing good and kind deeds especially when we would rather play outside or watch TV. Loving others entail sacrifice. It will ask us to leave our comfort zones for the sake of our loved ones.

And you have loved us today by preparing breakfast. I appreciate how you worked together as a team and I hope that today have strengthened your bond with each other.



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