My family has a penchant for unplanned trips.

We would joke that almost all our trips are unplanned because most of the scheduled ones did not push through.


Mid-day of October 30, my brother who will soon be leaving for Oman suddenly decided to bring the family to Dagupan City . We were supposed to stay at a resort hotel in Tondaligan beach (which by the way is truly special since this beach was frequented by mom and dad when they were still courting) but we arrived at the place around 11:00 PM (after having dinner at Great Taste Pigar-Pigar in Dagupan City) and we cannot find a place that can comfortably accommodate our group of twenty. After numerous calls to nearby resorts, my sister chanced upon RoheiM Farm and Resort (RoheiM) in the neighboring town of San Fabian. Fortunately, they had a dorm room for our big group.

RoheiM is located at Colisao, San Fabian, Pangasinan and is around seven kilometers away from the main road. The drive is quite long and we simply followed the resort’s signage to get there. The road leading to the resort is narrow but paved. It was nearing midnight and the road was dark (no street light). Noting that the next day was Halloween, we joked that the drive to Roheim was the perfect beginning for a blockbuster horror story. 🙂 Seriously, it was our way of keeping ourselves awake during the drive.

We arrived at the Resort around midnight and was warmly greeted by the guard and a staff who quickly showed us to our room. The dorm room was around 100 meters from the entrance and can be reached by going down a concrete stair. The room has ten separate double bunk beds but only the lower ones were provided with bedding. It also has a television, a wash room equipped with hot and cold shower, and electricity outlets for charging. The room was clean and comfortable enough though I hope they will add another CR noting that the dorm is supposed to accommodate ten people.


The morning revealed the beauty of the resort. Despite the exhaustion, I managed to get up at around 5:30 AM. Whenever we visit a new place, I always love waking up before everybody else to watch the rising sun, read my Bible or any book which is currently on my list, and pray. I walked to the view deck which was perfect for meditation and prayer.  The view deck leads to an organic farm and you can fully view the rice field which was inspired by the Hagdang-hagdang Palayan of Banaue.


RoheiM sits in a 25 hectare property and offers various facilities including swimming pools, picnic areas and cottages, basketball courts, trampoline, campsite, zip line, videoke room, a hall which features a grand piano, and others. Known as a wellness center, a huge portion of the resort is devoted to organic farming and raising animals. My kids had fun watching the ostriches near the hanging gardens.


The resort is Bible-themed and we later learned that the owners are members of Seventh Day Adventist Church. Some of the places in the resort were named after famous and (not so famous) Biblical locations some of which had me guessing where I encountered them. These include the cave of En Gedi, Pool of Siloam, Rock of Horeb, Garden of Gethsemane, and Jacob’s well, among others.


I think the main highlight of our stay was the swimming time in the Me (Jonah) and the Whale Pool which by far is the most child-friendly swimming pool I have ever seen. My kids love swimming and I would constantly keep an eye on them fearing that they would venture into the deeper parts. I don’t really like kiddie pools as that they isolate the children from the adults. Well, 50% of the Me and the Whale pool is just three feet deep. Thus, the children can freely swim with the adults.


There is also an area in the pool where you can enjoy hydrotherapy massage.They also have an infinity pool but it was under maintenance during our visit.


Meanwhile, most of my time was spent in our rented cottage to prepare lunch. But no problem cause I enjoyed fellowship with my younger brother. RoheiM also provided facilities for food preparation. If you don’t want to cook, they also offer some food and beverages (but quite expensive if you ask me). They also sell tilapia which are farm-raised and can be easily grilled in their cottages.

Overall, I enjoyed our stay in RoheiM Farm and Resort. The place offers escape from the busy city life and can be an excellent place for relaxation and recreation. Situated in the mountainside, the lush greenery in the resort is both refreshing and calming. I hope that someday we can “plan” a longer trip and try out their wellness program. I would love to visit their mushroom farm and hopefully learn more about organic food production.


RoheiM is a nice place for family vacations because of its accommodation facilities and various activities available for children and adults alike. I think it can also provide an excellent venue for much-needed periods of spiritual evaluation, prayer, and fasting. It can also be a venue for church’s family camps and youth retreats. They also accommodate celebration of important life events like weddings and birthdays. The place can also be perfect spot for photoshoots.


I have to say though that if you want to save on gas, time, and money, make sure that you bring everything that you need in the resort since there are no groceries and food markets nearby. Like we did, you can also buy fresh seafood (or order pigar-pigar for take-out food from one of the carinderias selling pigar-pigar) from the nearby city of Dagupan and cook them in the resort. Lastly, since the resort sits on a hill, leg power is needed to conquer the numerous stairs. Think of it as an added bonus since exercise is an important component of living the healthy lifestyle that RoheiM promotes.


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