The past two months were unusually busy, thus the silence in this blog. It is summer in the Philippines and the kids are out of school but April and May are the busiest months for my job. I work from home and I spent lots of time analyzing data, writing reports, and answering queries.

Summer 2017 is nonetheless very memorable for me and my family. My husband and I have been praying for and planning to homeschool our four children since last year. It is a big decision and we had (and still have) doubts whether we are really capable of educating our children at home. A week after the school year ended and during the entire summer, we conducted a “dry run” just testing if we can handle the demands of homeschooling.

I mentioned in this post that we became Reformed Baptists just last year and we are still in the process of getting-to-know new brothers and sisters in Christ that the Lord lovingly and wisely placed in our lives.

Last April, we attended our first-ever Reformed Baptist family camp which was held at Rizal Recreation Center. We had a blast being with other Christians who share the same convictions. The theme for this year was “Community in Fellowship: Upholding the Biblical Basis Principles for Fellowship.” We were tremendously blessed by the messages and enjoyed the fellowship and the food (because what is fellowship without food, right? ). Here are some photos from the camp:

My kids took part in this year’s Daily Vacation Bible School held at our church. My husband was also a teacher for high school students and was assigned to preach during the closing program.

This summer, one of my brothers graduated from college, took his licensure examination, and is now a licensed civil engineer. God is good!

Our family also had lots of celebrations. Two of my kids had their birthdays while my husband and I Ā celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary.

Truly, through the busyness of it all, God has been good and faithful to me and my family! Hope you had (or will have) a blessed summer, too! šŸ™‚


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