We formally started homeschooling our kids last Tuesday. Formally, because we have been homeschooling them all throughout summer just to see if it would work for us. We would have started June 12 but I had to attend the Reformed Baptist Ladies Conference.

I woke up really excited and thankful that the Lord has given us this great privilege of educating our children at home. I have always wanted to homeschool and I’m amazed to see how God, in His goodness and wisdom, arranged our circumstances and placed the right people in our path to fulfill this desire.

So, I wanted to make the “first day” fun and special for all of us. I designed and printed a Get to Know Me sheet which I would ask them to fill out. During breakfast, I requested my kids to wear Sunday clothes for a first day of homeschooling photo. We went outside to take some pictures and eventually decided to celebrate this day by going to the shopping mall. This was totally unplanned but I was cool with it. We wanted it to be fun and light, anyway.

On our way, we sang hymns and stopped somewhere to take more photos and talk about the bamboo tree–the tallest grass.

We celebrated the Philippine Independence Day the day before and we discussed the history of our national flag as well as sang our national anthem in the car.

At the shopping mall, we proceeded to buy some school supplies and allowed the kids to play in the arcade. We also let Yuan and Yrina pay for the items that we bought (which is a first for them!).

Afterwards, we had lunch at Mang Inasal where we talked about their expectations and plans for the school year.

At home, we asked the kids to fill-out their Get to Know Me sheets and write about their first homeschooling day.

The rest of the week was spent digging and learning about earthworms, singing hymns, learning about God’s wisdom and uniqueness, studying multiplication, jogging outside, learning to add using cans of sardines, planting and taking care of pechay seedlings, and learning about the Philippines as a country… It was exhausting yet very fulfilling. I have to admit that I felt so tired teaching, disciplining and discipling, doing house chores, while also working full-time.

This is how I felt during the weekend! God is so good to entrust us a huge task which keeps us occupied during the week. But I am also thankful for the days of rest in between!

Here’s looking forward to, by God’s grace, productive and sanctifying homeschooling year ahead! The task is daunting but it is an opportunity to trust in His faithfulness and the power of His abounding grace.

 And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work. 2 Corinthians 9:8
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2 thoughts on “We are Homeschooling: Our First Week in Photos”

  1. Homeschooling is *such* a blessing! Not always easy but definitely worth it to have our children with us and to train them up! We are entering our tenth year of homeschooling! 🙂

    Love seeing all your photos and I hope your homeschooling journey is a blessed one! 🙂

    1. Hi Katy,

      Nine years of homeschooling is quite an accomplishment! I agree with you. Homeschooling requires a great deal of sacrifice for us parents but the joy of being with our children and making sure that they are equipped with a Bible-based education is more than worth it.

      Thank you so for the encouraging words, I truly appreciate it.

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